Group Dining

Feed 'em fast. By the busload.

Group Dining Card
The Whataburger® Group Dining Program

Need to feed a large group? Our Group Dining program is a handy way to satisfy a busload of burger-hungry passengers. And not only do you and your group get a nice, big meal, it’s convenient, quick—and you get some nice savings.

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Three Great Reasons to Participate


First, you don’t have to pay with cash. When you pay with your Group Dining Card, we’ll hand you an invoice that you can turn into your billing department.


Second, if you need to eat and run, just call and give us a heads up. Let us know when you’ll be at the store and how many people you are bringing. We’ll have our team ready to get you fed and back on the road in no time!


Finally, you get to save a bundle. On each visit, you’ll receive one free meal for every 10 meals purchased. And, as the group leader, you always eat for free. In addition, for groups of 20 people or more, 2 people eat free. How about that?

Here's how it works!

First, fill out the application with your group's contact information. Once we process it, we’ll send you your Group Dining ID Cards in the mail. Each card will have your Group ID number. All you do is call the Whataburger, tell them how many are coming, when you think you’ll be getting there—and that’s it. When you reach the Whataburger, just show the manager your Group Dining Card, place your order and you’ll get an invoice to give your billing department.

It's as easy as that!