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We take pride in our communities.

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Whataburger Employees

For over 60 years, Whataburger® has been deeply committed to supporting our communities. We’ve given back through charitable donations, sports sponsorships, volunteering—and just doing what’s right. Whataburger is also proud to support a variety of worthy causes handpicked by our employees, including:

  • Cancer Research
  • Children's Education 
  • Child Abuse Prevention 
  • Childhood Disabilities 
  • Assisting the Hungry 
  • Military Support 
  • Disaster Relief 

To apply for support for your organization, first complete the screening questionnaire below.

Pre-Screening Questionnaire

Whataburger provides funding to communities where we operate. Please indicate the zip code your organization primarily serves. If your organization serves a larger geographic area, please enter the zip code in which it is based.
No Whataburger locations found in your zip code. Whataburger only sponsors charities in areas they serve.
Whataburger is only able to consider applications for events or programs that have deadlines and/or start dates scheduled at least 60 days from today's date. When do you need a final decision on your request?
Your decision date must be scheduled at least 60 days in advance.
While we recognize the importance of your request, unfortunately Whataburger is unable to provide support for the following:
  • Individual persons or families (including travel expenditures for groups or schools)
  • Political candidates, parties or organizations
  • Personal utilization of restaurants for fundraising or third-party marketing materials
  • Endowment or capital campaigns
  • Seminars or reunions
  • Reduction of debt
  • Funds or seed money for start-up organizations
  • Scholarships for individuals
Are you seeking funding for any of the above?

Pre-Screening Results

We're Sorry. Your responses to the questions above have indicated that your request most likely does not meet our funding guidelines.

Whataburger is unable to provide support for the list of categories identified in question 4. Requests for support of any one of these categories cannot be accepted. If you have any questions, please contact us for more information.